Jukka Särkkä

Jukka Särkkä is a versatile musician who plays guitar, mandolin and banjo and works as teacher, composer, arranger and producer. He plays regularly at the Finnish National Opera and teaches guitar at the Central Helsinki Music Institute.

In 1986 Jukka Särkkä won first prize at the K.V.Leino guitar competition in Jyväskylä. In 2011 his song won the first prize in Vuoden merilaulu -competition.

Jukka Särkkä studied classical guitar at the Music institute of Mikkeli and at the Helsinki Conservatory, graduating 1986. His teachers include Juan Antonio Muro, Kari Äikäs and Jukka Savijoki. He has attended masterclasses by Jose Luis Lopategui, John Mills, Hubert Käppel and Göran Söllscher.

From 1993 to 1998 he was conductor of the Helsinki Conservatory Wind Orchestra.
Jukka Särkkä is also member of the bluegrass-band Clayhill Brothers.

Jukka Särkkä conducts and writes arrangements for Kääk! Guitar Ensemble. They have played concerts and attended music festivals in Finland, Austria, Italy and Spain.

Several compositions and arrangements by Särkkä have been published, including works for piano and winds. Now he is working on a set of easy guitar compositions to be published later this year.

Email: jukka.sarkkaATiki.fi

Updated 22.2.2017
Photo: Jaakko Paarvala